We have extensive experience in re-privatisation, in particular as regards land in Warsaw and real property covered by the decree on agrarian reform. We represent real property owners or their legal successors, and also advise entities that wish to invest in real property subject to reprivatisation claims. We represent our clients:

in proceedings concerning real property covered by the decree of 26 October 1945 on ownership and use of land on the territory of the Capital City of Warsaw (Journal of Laws No. 50, item 279), the so-called Warsaw decree, including proceedings for compensation both in court and in administrative proceedings, providing legal representation before all administrative bodies and courts

in agrarian reform proceedings, inter alia, aimed to establish that part of the property was not covered by the decree on agrarian reform, as well as in all other proceedings aimed to enter the owners in the land and mortgage register, as well as to make settlements between the real property owners and the previous owners, if the actual state of affairs allows it. We also handle proceedings for compensation for property lost under the decree on agrarian reform. After the restitution of the real property we also conduct court proceedings aimed at settlements between the real property owners and previous ownersZajmujemy się również postępowaniami o odszkodowanie za majątek utracony na podstawie dekretu o reformie rolnej.
Po zwrocie nieruchomości prowadzimy również postępowania sądowe mające na celu rozliczenia między właścicielami nieruchomości a dotychczasowymi posiadaczami

in proceedings for expropriation of real property and for obtaining compensation, as well as in proceedings for the restitution of real property expropriated unlawfully, including situations where the real property has not been used for the purpose specified in the expropriation decision

in all other judicial and administrative proceedings concerning real property claims