Civil law litigation and disputes

We offer support in court proceedings concerning civil law in its broadest sense. We provide comprehensive legal services to both entrepreneurs and individuals not running business, starting from the preparation of documents initiating the proceedings (lawsuits, motions, complaints, etc.) or joining the pending proceedings until their final termination.

We represent clients in proceedings concerning

inheritance, disputes concerning inheritance, partition of inheritance, legitim, crediting of donations

acquisitive prescription of real property, including acquisitive prescription of buildings

dissolution of co-ownership, including, inter alia, co-ownership of land, buildings, disputes regarding common parts of real property, real property appurtenances

asserting claims for non-contractual use of real property and accounting of expenses

establishing ownership rights

resolutions of housing communities regarding superstructure/reconstruction/renovation of real property

establishment, changes and cancellation of easements

debt collection

asserting ineffectiveness or invalidity of legal actions

recognition of foreign judgments in Poland

all kinds of damages

contractual disputes, including disputes on sale, lease, rental, commission and donation contracts, articles of association